userform combobox questions



Greetings and thanks for your time,
With AutoComplete turned on, is there an event that will fire (or another
equivalent way) with the changing autocomplete text. Having set the
rowSource, I would like to... type "a" in the box, autocomplete text reads
"abel" and fires an event. In the event procedure I use the string "abel" to
update a label. I then add "n", autocomplete reads "ann" and another event
fires and again I use the string "ann" to update the same label etc. (I know
that this can be done by adding a command button but I'm trying to minimise
required mouse clicks - the user has only 10 seconds to complete the search)
One more question please - can i have the cursor flashing in the combobox
when the form is initiated?




Private Sub ComboBox1_Change()
Label1 = ComboBox1
End Sub

I don't know about the flashing.


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