User Profiles on client PC's


J Kirk

I never really was necessarily concerned about this but
now I am. What conditions cause user profile directories
to be named after the username on most occasions and
username.DOMAINNAME on other occasions?

Also, can an NT domain miss a logon event entry on
occasion? I have some very strange file deletions on a
network resource comming from a specific PC on two
different occasions. One time the PC was in use by a
person, the other time it was running unattended or at
least that is what we assume after reviewing the security
log on the PDC. Any thoughts anyone? TIA




Oli Restorick [MVP]

Hi there

Suppose a machine is a member of a domain. It has an account called Fred
defined locally on that machine. On the domain is another user account,
also called Fred. Whichever "Fred" logs in first will get a profile
directory called "Fred". The other "Fred" will get "Fred.Machine" or
"Fred.Domain", depending.

As for your other problem, bear in mind that the PDC is not the only machine
which can authenticate users. You will need to check the logs of your BDCs
as well to get a complete record of login activity.



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