User Permissions when Networking from Vista laptop



I have read the previous postings, the MS Technet notes, etc. and can’t find
the answer to my networking issue.

I have a home network: 2 desktops with XP Pro and XP Media, one laptop with
XP Media, and one laptop with Vista Ultimate.

All can access the internet—that isn’t my problem.

All have the same workgroup name, all can see each other on the network.

The problem is that from my desktop I cannot access the “c†drive of my
Vista laptop.

I get this error message:
\\laptop\c is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this
network resource. Contact the administrator of this server if you have access
permissions. Access denied.

I am the administrator of all the computers.

On the Vista laptop, I have opened up all the security access. All folders,
including the C drive, show up on the Vista network tree. It is a private
network. Password protection is off; everything else is on.

When I go to “My computerâ€, rt click “câ€, and do “shareâ€, it is shared. When
I click “advance share†and go to permissions, I have “everyone†and “guestâ€
as having full permissions.

But, if I click on “addâ€, it only allows “laptop†as the location. It won’t
let me add any user from outside the laptop.

How I can get permission to access all the folders/files/programs/ etc. on
my Vista laptop “c†drive from my XP Pro desktop?

I also have the same problem trying to access the Vista laptop
\\laptop\kathy folder (my user name). I can’t get access to this at all.

Thank you.


I have figured it out. I needed to add "guest" as a user to the security tab
for the laptop's "c" drive and the "kathy" folders, and then to give the
"guest" user all the permissions.

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