User not seeing all the recipients.



Hi folks, I have a question maybe someone can help me out with. I have
a user who will ocasionally get random e-mails that do not show all the
recipients of the e-mail, and no, these e-mails are not sent out with
BCC's. Other recipients of the e-mail are able to see everyone that
the message went to. I checked her PC and she doesn't seem to have any
filters running that would prevent her from seeing the recipients. Any
ideas? This is in Outlook 2000.




Hi, Kris -

I don't have a solution, but I wanted to let you know that we've seen
the same problem. It's occurred in both Outlook 2000 AND Outlook 2002.

Some of my users would only see the first 3 names/addresses in the TO
and/or CC fields. Others, both in-house and outside of our domain,
receiving the same message would see quite a few more names/addresses.

We did notice that this only seemed to be occurring with messages from
one or two particular domains.

If anyone knows what could be causing this and/or has a solution, I'd
like to hear it as well.

- Rachel

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