User Login Auditing/Report


Nate Klost

I am looking to generate a report of users who haven't
logged in, in 30 days, 60 days, 90 days. The goal is to
disable users that haven't logged in, in 30 days, delete
users who haven't logged in, in 90 days. Is there a good
way of doing this.

Windows 2000 Server.




Steven L Umbach

If you have a Windows XP Pro computer on the domain you can install the adminpak
[free download] for Windows 2003 on it and use the DS command line tools. For
instance the dsquery tool can query AD for accounts that have not logged on for a
period of weeks. See the link below for more details. --- Steve

Otherwise look at the free Dumpsec tool from SomarSoft which can dump users with a
variety of information including last time logged on. You may be able to dump a
report and then sort with another program. --- Steve

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