User Drives Mapped with Kixtart Disappear


Mike Lemons

Some, not all, users don't get the drive mappings that are
supposed to be created by kixtart logon script. About 5
of 50 users affected. Recently did rollout with Windows
2000 Domain Controller SP3 (DNS, WINS, DHCP on same box),
Mixed Mode, Exchange 2000 on separate server. Clients all
running XP Pro with SP1. Latest version of Kixtart being
used. Affected users can log off and then log back on and
their drives usually appear. All users, even those not
affected by drives not mapping, have Application Log
events (1054 and 1517) recorded that indicate they can't
see the DC or domain does not exist, and something about
XP saved users registry because an application or service
was still using it at logoff. I've already tried the "net
config server /autodisconnect:65535" command on the server
to extend the 15 minutes to the max, but it's not working.
I've used Kixtart elsewhere with success. There must be a
fix. Help or advice appreciated.

Gerry Hickman


First you need to work out if it's just Kixtart or _all_ logon scripts.
What makes you think it's Kixtart related? What if you map drives with a
BAT file - do they still randomly fail?

Is the logon script running at all? Are you sure it's just drive
mapppings, or is it in fact that the whole script failed to run?

You can type SET at the user's CMD prompt, and this will often help
track down failed logon scripts, see the LOGON_SERVER entry (or what
ever it's called). If the LOGON_SERVER isn't the DC, it didn't find the
DC in time.

Check name resolution speed, see if something's timing out too soon.

Regarding XP "saving the user's registry", it used to be something like
"Windows could no unload your registry hive" - this is usually caused by
leaking handles; e.g. it happens with MDM in Visual Studio.NET 2003. It
makes logging off a very tedious process. You can use oh.exe to check
for open handles and you can also enable userenv logging.

Jason Gallas

Gerry, that SET command is very useful. Do you know of a listing of this
command and others that are built in and provide this kind of info?
Oct 11, 2007
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Hello! I think I am experiencing the same with my windows 2000 domain, some users dont get their kixtart logon script when they log in, so they have to log off in order to get their mapped shares.......

Did you ever fix your issue? how?


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