User accounts


Jean S.

Reply: According to what I've read about User Accounts,
you can have only one Administrator Account. You have to
have an Administrator Account to have total access, be
able to change settings, download programs, etc. Then
you can have a second account called a Limited Account.
This one cannot change settings, download programs, etc.
Sounds like your son somehow changed his Limited Account
to the Administrator Account which left only his one new
account. An Administrator Account can delete the Limited
Account and Guest Account, but cannot delete it's own
Administrator Account. The only way to change this is to
change the name, password, etc. on the remaining account
you have back to what you originally set up for yourself
(which sounds like the Administrator Account), then set
your son up with the Limited Account. You can learn more
by reading the Help section regarding User Accounts.
Hope this helps. Jean S.




That information is incorrect.
You can have as many administrator accounts as you wish, but only 1 account
called administrator.

There should be an account called administrator and the sons account.The OP
should still be able to login as the administrator. At the login If the son
has administrative access then the OP can simply create a new account for
herself and give it admin access from his account. There is absolutely no
reason to go changing account names, passwords, etc.

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