Use VirtualBox to use old scanners on Windows Vista.



Wow, I've just succeeded to scan with my old Epson perfection scanner
on Windos Vista.

As far as I know, there are three major virtual machines available for
Windows: VMWare, Virtual PC and VirtualBox. I first tried VMWare. It
had a nice menu for usb, but even though Perfection 610 appeared on
that menu, the guest OS didn't recognize it. Plus, VMWare is not a
freeware and consumed too much disk spaces and installed a lot of
unnecessary (for me) background services which are running always even
though when you're not using VMWare.

Then I tried Microsoft Virtuial PC 2007 RC. It's now a freeware, and
relatively small compared to VMWare and didn't install background
services as VMWare does. But, Virtual PC didn't support USB devices.I
searched the newsgroup and found that currently there's no plan for
usb support.

Finally I found VirtaulBox. It's free for personal use (say the
homepage), and the smallest among these 3 programs. I installed a
guest OS, and connected Epson Perfection 610 on Windows Vista, the
host OS. FIrst nothing happend. Then I pluged in and out the scanner
and restarted the guest OS serveral times, and finally a new hardware
found box appeard on the guest OS!

Since Epson doesn't support Vista for many scanners, I think you
should try VirtualBox.

There are something you have to know before trying it.
1)First, when you install VirtualBox, there's a warning message
appears saying the driver is not signed. You should continue
installing it.
2)When you try to run VirtualBox, an COM error box appears. you should
manually register it. This is a bug of the installer. The FAQ page of
VirtualBox explains this bug and also tells you how to maually
register it.
3)You can view if your Epson scanner information by
Open cmd.exe and go to the VBox installation folder and type
VBoxManage list usbhost
4)Select your VM and click "Settings" button and check "USB->Enable
USB Controller". It's not checked by default.
5)Do not turn on your scanner yet and start your guest OS first.
6)When your guest OS has been started, turn on your scanner

Anyways, it is exiting. I hope you would succeed too. I'm not an
expert but if you have any questions about the things I've written,
you can send me an e-mail.


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