Use of folders for addressing new message



I have loaded my email addresses into folders in Windows Mail. However, when
I prepare a new or forwarded message and click "To" to bring up my address
book, I cannot select a folder of addresses. It simply brings up my entire
address book making it more difficult to find the address(es) I need for the

How can I set up my address book so I can open folders when addressing email


You can't.

(stock reply)

You can create folders for the contacts, but Windows Mail will not show
them when you click on To:, CC: or BCC:

However, you can do it bassackwards if you have folders... open your
Contacts folder, open your sub-folder, select your recipient(s),
right-click, select Action - Send Email

and, you can create Groups, which are mail lists of selected contacts.

Rainald Taesler

VistaRookie said:
That is correct. Outlook Express had it right, MS really
messed up for WM.

I can not see what you mean in so far.
WinMail works at least as well as did OE in so far.



Thanks VistaRookie. Your steps were perfect except you forgot the "Action"
step after right clicking the contact. otherwise it works fine. Thanks


See VistaRookie's response. It works except he forgot the "Action" step
after right clicking the contact.l

Gary VanderMolen

In defense of the way WM/WLM does it, sometimes you can't
remember which list a contact is in. (e.g., Did I put Mary in the
Church list or the Choir list?)
In any case, typing one or two letters will quickly whittle down
the list of remaining contacts to manageable size.

Rainald Taesler

VistaRookie said:
It applies for clicking the TO: field to get the list of recipients.
(Far as I am concerned THAT is the only way I will use email.
There is no typing involved).

The same on my side.
Knowing that the original poster
wants to do the same thing, Win Mail sucks.

In OE you could create list A of 10 contacts/list B of 20
contacts and list C of 15 contacts. Only the default list A
would come up and show 10 contacts. If you wanted list B
you click for it to show and only 20 contacts showed, etc;

Thanks for explaining. I did not see what the OP was after :-( :-(

I had been working with OE and its WAB since OE first appeared and never
used any extra lists, just one.
Then I changed the source of the addresses to directly using the Outlook
which worked perfect until Outlook 2003.
Never had any need to use extra "groups".
In my above example, with winmail you have a large list of
45 contacts showing at all times. For people with 200 contacts,
it is a total nightmare.

A "nightmare" with just 200 contacts??
Come on, you seem to be a rather fearful person <bg&d>.

Where might be a problem?
Just typing a letter or 2 or 3 and that's it.
There are > 1.000 contacts in my Outlook PST and I imported them all
into "Windows Contacts".
The only "nightmare": Data getting out of sync as there is no tool for
synching Outlook Contacts and the rather poor "Windows Contacts" and the
data therefore - naturally <!!> - differ sooner or later. And importing
Outlook data into "Windows Contacts" is quite something {siiigh}.


Rainald Taesler

Let's agree to disagree.
People are different and have different ways of working.
For me having just one list has always been the proper way of
doing things.

Using "categories" in Outlook is one thing. But having to administrate
several address lists would be a "nightmare" for me.
Holding things in Outlook and in "Windows Contacts" without any synching
tool makes things difficult enough already {siiiigh}.


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