Use free Thawte certificate to sign Word 2007 document


Doug Patterson


I have a free certificate from Thawte (
email/personal-email-certificates/index.html) that I can use to sign
and encrypt email. Is it possible to sign a Word 2007 document using
this certificate? I have tried, but Word keeps directing me to either
purchase a digital ID at the Office Marketplace or generate a local
one. Are there any steps I can take to have Word recognise the Thawte


Antoine Hauck

Hi Doug.

Hmm... I don't have Word 2007 in my office. But I can sign a doc file in
Word 2003 with my thawte Freemail certificate, without using a Digital ID.

First of all your thawte cert must be installed as a personal certificate.
Use for that the Management Console SnapIn - Certificates (User account)

Then you just can go under Tools -> Options -> Security -> Digital Signatures

Your thawte cert should no be listed in the dialogbox. Select one and sifgn
your document.


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