Use DataSet with Sql Server 2005 vs App.Config


Samir Ibrahim

I am developing a software that will be installed on 3 servers using sql
server 2005 + replication.

In my development I want to use sql server with dataset.

When I finish the project at my development machine, I want the ability to
install it at these 3 servers.

I am using the Northwind 2007 database upsize it from access to sql express
for testing purpose.

I create the connection to the sql server (currently express local pc) in
the server explorer, and in the datasource I add a dataset based on the
connection I create, Then when I drag the field (first time) from the
dataset, it automatically create : ds_Northwind CustomerBindingSource,
CustomersTableAdapter , TableAdapterManager, CustomersBindingNavigator

I didnot use a connection object, neither create TableAdapter. I let wizard
do it all.

I knew (from posting my question in msdn) that the connection is stored is
app.config. And in the setting the "type" is "Application" which is a
readonly property during runtime and I could not change it to "user"

How I can change the connection setting or send 4 parameter to it (Server
Name, UserID, Password, Database Name) ?



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