USB-TV-card has problems with Windows-drivers




I've got a problem with the TV-card "Cinergy Hybrid T USB XS". If inserted
in the USB-slot there appear two devices in the device-manager: "Cinergy
Hybrid T USB XS" and "USB audiodevice". The audiodevice has a yellow warning
symbol and error code 10 is being displayed. The drivers of the audiodevice
are windows-drivers, version 5.1.2535.0.

Under my former notebook the stick was working properly, but my notebook
broke (maybe due to the stick, because it consumed too much power, now it's
on an active USB-hub with extra power supply. The problem persists, if I plug
it into a normal USB-hub as well). My new notebook is a Sony Vaio VGN-FE11M.
I installed the latest digitally signed drivers for the card from the
Terratec website, as well as the latest updates for the BIOS and the
graphicas card (nvidia GeForce Go 7400).

The support of Terratec only says I shall re-install SP2, which I did, but
no change. What can be done? The TV-card doesn't work at all by the way, not
even the picture.

I am very grateful for hints.


So the "TV-card Cinergy Hybrid T USB XS" caused problems with the first
laptop, and evidently caused the laptop to fail.
You bought a new laptop and it does not work with it either. (I'd not plug
it into the new laptop at all.)
I hope you can determine if it also damaged the new laptop, and if so, get
it repaired under warrenty.
The best suggestion I have is to replace the TV card.

The card has some audio functionality. Evidently it is not working
correctly, or there is an audio driver problem.
This might just explain the audio driver error code. The card (older, I
assume) also might not work properly with a USB 2.0 port, unless some sort
of "legacy" USB 1.x support is enabled in BIOS.

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