USB Thumb Drive Question



Upon insertion, my thumb drive used to show up in windows explorer as
another drive with full functionality.
At some point in time(don't know when or how)the drive began showing up in
explorer, control panel, as a portable media device with a subsequent drive
number. This placement gives limited functionality and I do not know how to
undo this situation.
I would like it to show in my computer as a regular USB drive as it did for
several years.
Is there a box that I can check or a registry adjustment, something that
will restore my thumb drive to its rightful place among the other drives?

Thank you


Goto Device Manager. Uninstall USB Host controller. Press F5 or refresh
button and the drivers will be reinstalled automatically. Try and see the
results. If no success then you need to reinstall the USB flash driver of
your USB Thumb drive.

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