USB problem


Gary Sams

I have just replaced my hard drive and motherboard. (ECS GeForce6100SM-M.
AMD Athlon 5000 X2 dual core processor). Windows XP home.

Most things work fine. Cameras, printers, digital dictating machines, 3
button mice and basic keyboards are all recognized as soon as they are
plugged into any USB port, and work well.

When I plug in my Logitech 5 button mouse (MX 510), it doesn't work.
Depending on which USB port I plug it into I am told either that the device
is not recognized, or the device is accurately recognized, but I am told it
is not functioning. I have the same problem with my Microsoft Digital Media
Pro Keyboard.

Both devices work fine, including programmable features if I plug them into
an adapter, and connect them to the PS/2 prts, rather than USB.

I have just bought a new cordless mouse for my laptop - Logitech VX
revolution. I tried this on my desktop and got the same error messages.

I tried upgrading the PSU from 350w (the bare minimum supported by the
motherboard) to a new 600w unit, but to no effect),

Any other ideas?




Gary Sams

Yes, I have installed the latest drivers, and everything works perfectly
when I connect to the PS/2 ports via an adapter,


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