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Juergen Seyffer


my XPe is working with some USB-mice without problems.
there is only one device which fails to work, but working on XP Pro without

The Device is a Headmouse from Origin Instruments.
There is a yellow Exclamation mark in device manager, saying can't start
Here are the details out of Setupapi.log.

[2004/10/05 15:47:02 280.544 Driver Install]
#-019 Searching for hardware ID(s):
#-018 Searching for compatible ID(s):
#-199 Executing "C:\WINDOWS\fba\fba.exe" with command line: ..\fba\fba.exe
#I022 Found "USB\Class_03&SubClass_01" in C:\WINDOWS\inf\input.inf; Device:
"USB Human Interface Device"; Driver: "USB Human Interface Device";
Provider: "Microsoft"; Mfg: "(Standard system devices)"; Section name:
#I023 Actual install section: [HID_Inst.NT]. Rank: 0x00003101. Effective
driver date: 07/01/2001.
#-166 Device install function: DIF_SELECTBESTCOMPATDRV.
#I063 Selected driver installs from section [HID_Inst] in
#I062 Class GUID of device changed to:
#I060 Set selected driver.
#I058 Selected best compatible driver.
#-124 Doing copy-only install of "USB\VID_0A95&PID_0002\6&18E6BF2B&0&1".
#-166 Device install function: DIF_REGISTER_COINSTALLERS.
#I056 Coinstallers registered.
#-166 Device install function: DIF_INSTALLINTERFACES.
#-011 Installing section [HID_Inst.NT.Interfaces] from
#I054 Interfaces installed.
#-166 Device install function: DIF_INSTALLDEVICE.
#I123 Doing full install of "USB\VID_0A95&PID_0002\6&18E6BF2B&0&1".
#I163 Device not started: Device has problem: 0x0a: CM_PROB_FAILED_START.
#I121 Device install of "USB\VID_0A95&PID_0002\6&18E6BF2B&0&1" finished
[2004/10/05 15:47:09 280.548 Driver Install]

any idea, how to fix a Code 10 ?



Andy Allred [MS]

New keys were added to full SP1 that the hid drivers have a dependency
on for *some* Composite devices, so there are a few devices that are
affected if these keys are not in the runtime. Try adding these to your
Extra Registry Settings within TD:

IgnoreHWSerNum04710302 = REG_BINARY 1 1
GlobalDisableSerNumGen = REG_BINARY 1 1
GenericUSBDeviceString = REG_SZ "USB Device"
GenericCompositeUSBDeviceString= REG_SZ "Composite USB Device"

Juergen Seyffer

Hi Andy,

I just build a new release following your instructions.
my device is working now.

many thanks, have a nice day

best regards


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