USB/Memory Stick/CD drive problems



(Also posted on XP General)
I've read the other threads on usb problems and none have helped. Here's my
1. When I insert the memory stick, I can see Removable Disk (F) recognized in
windows explorer. When I try to open it, I get the "insert disk into drive F"
message and nothing happens.
2. In device manager, I can see the iomega mini usb device listed under
disk drives and its properties says everything is ok. The mini also appears
under USB controllers as a USB Mass Storage Device.
3. This type of problem has also happened from time to time with my D (CD
drive) and E (DVD RW) drives.
4. Restarting the computer with the iomega mini in the usb port solves the
problem but when I remove it and re-insert it, the problem starts again.
When the problem exists with the cd drives, restarting the computer with a
cd in the D drive also lets me see the contents of the cd.

R. C. White

Hi, CDMax.

Have you checked out Disk Management? One way to get there is Start | Run,
type: diskmgmt.msc

In Disk Management, you can specifically assign a "drive" letter to your
Removable Disk so that it will always be seen as F:. If you don't do this,
the letter will "float", depending on what devices and volumes may be
connected each time you reboot.

In Disk Management, right-click on that "drive", then choose Properties and
the Policies tab. Here you can choose between Optimize for quick removal
and Optimize for performance.

One more thing you might want to look at is the settings in Customize
Notifications... (right-click on the clock). Your Safely remove hardware
icon may be set to Hide when inactive. This is perfectly OK, unless you
don't realize what is happening when it disappears from the SysTray, in
which case it can be a bit disconcerting.



R. C.,
Unfortunately, diskmgmt didn't help. Running the program showed that the
memory stick was recognized but when I right clicked on F and tried to open
it, I rec'd the same message as before - insert disk into drive F. I'm still
unable to see the data on the stick unless I reboot while it's in the usb

The drive letter F was already assigned to the device.

I'm really at a loss as to what's causing this.

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