USB device "can perform faster"


Chris Cowles

I have Vista Ultimate installed on a Dell Dimension 4600 with 2.5GB
RAM. It has USB ports on both the front and rear. Occasionally Vista
tells me my USB connection can perform faster and shows a display with
"Intel 82801EB USB Universal Host Controller" and "Intel 82801 USB2
Enhanced Host Controller", "Generic USB Hub" and similar descriptions.

Apparently I have stuff (primarily, my external HD) plugged into a
low-performance USB port rather than the one on the 'USB2 Enhanced
Host Controller'. Unfortunately I see no way to discern the
difference, externally.

Can someone provide some guidance or suggestions? I'm technically
literate but stuck on this.

Thanks in advance.


Dell's website should have a quick guide to show which ports
are the high speed ones,,,,,,,, I suspect any grouped in 4 to
be such.

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