USB Cable Unplugged



I have a USB DSL MODEM .. recently I have an application error msg in the
startup of the windows XP ... and I do not know if this has something to do
with the problem I have in my USB Modem

eah time I try to configer my SpeedTouch USB Modem... while the
configuration process the windows CAN notice the modem in the moment
conecting it..... but it ends with the USB Cable Unplugged Icon in the
TaskBar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not understand.. How do windows SEE the
modem... but end with USB Cable Unplugged Icon !!!

any clues !!



Newbie Coder


A few things spring to mind:

Dodgy cable
USB Hub drivers

What if you change the USB port to another USB port? Do you still get the
same problem?


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