Urgent Request For Help: Strong Names and Excel COM


Mark Keogh


Why is everything some confusng when MS are involved ;-) Anyway, I have my
excel export routines working fine, now when I try to build them into my
assembly, which has a strong name, I get the

Unable to emit assembly: Referenced assembly 'Interop.VBIDE' does not have a
strong name

message and everything stops. Now I searched the NET and all I can find is
references to Office PIA's and using tlbimp.exe.

Can anyone help me out here please, I'm on a real tight deadline and am now
worrying :)

Thanks to anyone who can help





confusing ehhh?

look at:

then read the last line of the page...particularly:

"...strong-named assemblies can only reference other strong-named

the link also describes at the onset that strong names, and the schema of
public/private keys and code base hashing w/n the gac, guarantees (pretty
much anyway) the uniqueness and integrity the of your assembly. And helps
ensure that a program referencing your assembly actually is using your
assembly and not a hacked/modified version of your code base. having a
mixture of strong named coupled w/ simply named assemblies would make this
integrity impossible.

your resolution is to name your assembly w/ a simple name and meet your
deadline. the solution would be to use digital signatures which are much
more secure than strong naming - as you can also read on the same page...and
get the why's and wherefore's.

it's only about two paragraphs long but very "un-confusingly"





Mark Keogh

Thanks for the helpful replys,

I sidestepped the issue for now by running locally and not off the network.
My next question though is how to use tblimp.exe to add my strong name to
the com interop for office 10?

If I reference Excel from my project, it creates the interop DLL but of
course doesn't have my string name and my project fails to compile.

Any ideas or suggestions on how I can get my strong name recognized?

Thanks for all your help


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