Upgrading Vista basic to vista home premium



I am trying to upgrade Windows Vista Basic to Windows Vista Home Premium.
Everything seems to be working fine until the last part of completing the
update when I get a error of sorts that says one or more components couldn't
be installed then it reboots and rollsback to the Basic edition. The
question I have is when it says components are we talking printers, webcam,
mouse, network card, etc? Or does it mean physical hardware in the computer?
Any help would be much appreciated. Oh and my virus program is not loaded
during this upgrade.

Glen Martin

Yes your right it could mean any of thoes, the best way is to do a clean
install. This way you would have a fresh system.
Just backup your personal files to a seconed hd, mem stick, or cd/dvd, also
copy any url's out of your Favorites folder and your emails that you have
After you have backup every thing put your disk in and boot it up click
install now put in your key choose the correct versiov you have then at the
next screen choose (Advance)
instead of upgrade that will show your hd or drives and there partitions. If
you need to Flormat the disk then select the drive options (advance) options
to do so and then continue.
Hope this helps.....

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