Upgrading to XP with new hardware - Help

Dec 8, 2010
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First post here. Came across the site after a google search but am a bit confused as the page that came up from google was under Forums Newsgroups Windows XP with a lot of sub forums. When I log in and go to Forums am unable to find the Newsgroups sub forum. Are the Software Windows XP forum and Forums Newsgroups Windows XP forum the same but organized differently.

Am about to upgrade my existing system, Intel P4 and W2K, to XP SP2 OEM with AMD Phenom II 965, Asrock 880GM-LE motherboard (with inbuilt ATI 4250 graphics), and 4G ram and will keeping the rest of hardware. I am aware that the XP may not see the full 4G of ram. I have a lot of software that I would prefer not to reinstall so would like to try initially to do an upgrade of the W2k to XP.

Would the best way be to upgrade the hardware first and then boot from the XP CD. Or should the software be upgraded first, on existing the hardware, and then upgrade the hardware - I am aware of the MS KB article 824125 re replacing the motherboard.

I am assuming I only need to activate the XP once. At what stage do I need to activate the software.


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