Upgrading Motherboard Problem



I currently have an Asus P4TE motherboard, Intel Pentium 4
2.0GHz processor and 512MB PC800 RDRAM installed on my
computer. I purchased an Intel D875PBZ motherboard, Intel
mPentium 4 3.0GHz processor and 1024MB PC3200 400MHz Dual
Channel DDR SDRAM. After installing the new motherboard my
computer would not boot to Windows XP. It appears the XP is
looking for the old motherboard. If I go to Device Manager
and uninstall the entries under Processor and Device
Systems, shut down the computer without rebooting, install
the new motherboard and then start the computer will XP
recognize the new motherboard and allow the computer to
boot into XP?



Bruce Chambers

Greetings --

Normally, assuming a retail license, unless the new motherboard is
virtually identical to the old one (same chipset, same IDE
controllers, same BIOS version, etc.), you'll need to perform a repair
(a.k.a. in-place upgrade) installation, at the very least:

How to Perform an In-Place Upgrade of Windows XP

As always when undertaking such a significant change, back up any
important data before starting.

This will probably also require re-activation. If it's been more
than 120 days since you last activated that specific Product Key,
you'll most likely be able to activate via the internet without
problem. If it's been less, you might have to make a 5 minute phone

Bruce Chambers

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I have almost exactly the same setup. I also have good
news and bad news. The good news is that mobo is one of
the best, most stable boards I've ever used. The bad news
is that no matter what you do, you're going to have to do
a clean install of XP. There's a certain sequence that
must be followed in order to obtain the full performance
of the board. It's posted on Intel's site. I printed it
out and followed it after playing around trying to tweak
to no avail. Download the latest BIOS, the inf inst and
any other drivers you need first then install them from a
disk or cd exactly the way they specify. Your system will
rock. Then go to Black Vipers site and print out the XP
services setup chart. I used the "safe" settings and
everything's fine.

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