Upgrading from windows 98 SE



I currently run Win 98 and purchased Win XP. I ran the
upgrade report and it stated that the only possible red
flag is my modem. I found a Win 2000 driver for the modem
but there is no XP driver. I have a Gateway laptop and
their Tech support stated that they do not support XP on
my laptop in general since they do not provide XP drivers
for my model.

Could I run Win XP with the 2000 driver for the modem?
Is Gateway giving me sound advice or are they just trying
to get me to purchase a new laptop?



Bruce Chambers

Greetings --

Win2K modem drivers _might_ work.

However, bear in mind that PCs designed for, sold and run fine
with Win9x/Me very often do not meet WinXP's much more stringent
hardware quality requirements. WinXP, like WinNT and Win2K before it,
is quite sensitive to borderline defective or substandard hardware
(particularly motherboards, RAM and hard drives) that will still
support Win9x.

Bruce Chambers
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If it loads and works use it, many devices are being run
with 2000 drivers with no problems.




Thanks Bruce and Frank for your advice. I will give it a try. My laptop was manufactured in 2000 and it meets all of the minimum requirements.

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