Upgrading From Home Premium to Ultimate Problem


Cathie Coover

I am attempting to upgrade from Vista Home Premium to Vista Ultimate. When
the installation gets to 21% "Expanding Files", the computer reboots and
then starts a "Clean" installation. Not wanting to reinstall all my
applications and personal files, I prefer the upgrade installation, but it
will not continue. There is no error message.


Cathie Coover

Problem solved, though I'm not quite sure which the two things I tried
simultaneously worked. I disconnected an IDE hard drive that had been added
to the computer for replicated backups and I removed a 1 GB stick of RAM
that was added to the computer after I purchased it. I was then able to
upgrade (why in the world did this take over two hours?).

I think it the problem was the RAM. When I purchased the computer, it
already had 2 GB of RAM, but I thought 3 would be better. So I added another
GB. The computer seemed to run properly with the third stick, but I did
notice that the "Performance Information" tool was 5.9 with the original 2
GB, but went down to 4.7 when the third GB was added.

And I thought Crucial made good RAM (the stick had the same exact
specifications as the RAM that came from Hewlett Packard, but ...).


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