Upgrade Vista Home Premium to Ultimate



I had purchased a full copy of Vista Ultimate and tried to install it on my
old pc. After many failed attempts (see my SATA post from a few days ago if
your interested) I purchased a new pc (Gateway Intel Core 2 Duo) which has
Home Premium 32bit already installed. At first I wanted to install the 64bit
Ultimate but after seeing that only 32bit drivers were available for most of
the hardware I decided to upgrade to the 32bit Ultimate. The 1st attempt
failed because of a sound driver which I uninstalled and figured I would
reinstall after the upgrade. I ran the upgrade advisor and it found no
problems. The 2nd attempt also failed during the last phase of the
installation and did not give any reason why. Even though I have not
installed any new apps on the pc I'd rather do the upgrade than a clean
install, in case that fails and I'm left without an O/S and have to
re-install Home Premium from the gateway dvd. Is there some hook Gateway has
in it's version of the O/S that's preventing me from making an upgrade? Is
there a registry change I could make?



Check what virus software or other "protective" software is running. Disable
all you can and then try the install again. Many OEMs load so much crapware
it makes life very difficult for us users to do anything.



See possible solution in post - Vista won't complete installation - in this

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