"upgrade" re-install with Vista OEM DVD?


Timothy Daniels

I want to re-install Vista Business/SP1on my laptop from its
Dell OEM installation DVD, and I'm trying to avoid having
to re-install all the drivers and apps. I've read in various
forums (fora?) that I should do an "upgrade" installation with
the DVD. But when I start the DVD from the running OS
(which I've read is the way to do it), the option to upgrade
is grayed out and a statement reads:

"Upgrade has been disabled. The upgrade cannot be
started. To upgrade, cancel the installation and then
choose to upgrade to a version of Windows that is
more recent than the version you are currently running."

1) Is this because the DVD is OEM and not retail?

2) Is there a way to force the OEM DVD to upgrade the
running Vista to the same version?

3) Is the requirement to upgrade to a later *version*, or
to a higher level, e.g. Vista Enterprise or Vista Ultimate?



You can't run an install upgrade from an installation DVD to the OS you are
running from itself. You must boot it from the Installation disk.

Rick Rogers


Upgrade would be disabled if:

a) You are booting the disk and attempting to upgrade from there with an
upgrade key.

b) You are trying to "upgrade" an existing installation that has a service
pack installed that is a higher level than the disk (you would need to first
uninstall the service pack).

c) You are trying to "upgrade" to a lower version (eg: going from Ultimate
to Home Premium).

I suspect you might be running in the problem described under (b)?

Best of Luck,

Rick Rogers, aka "Nutcase" - Microsoft MVP

Windows help - www.rickrogers.org
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