Upgrade 2000 to 2007 - assign color topre-existing categories?



I am upgrading from Outlook 2000 to 2007 and have imported my data from the
old .pst file.

Most calendar entries, contacts, notes and tasks have categories I assigned
in Outlook 2000. I would like these to show up in colour but can't see how to
edit pre-existing categories to give them a colour.

For example, I can select one entry, click the Categorize button, then "All
categories." This shows the category I previously assigned the item. The
colour in the bar on the right of the "Color categories" window is grey and
is inactive. I could assign each item to one of the new categories: even if I
do this in groups by category, it will be quite time consuming.

Surely there is a way to assign colours to pre-existing categories? How?

Thank you.


Supplementary to this - I've just created a new task and want to assign it to
one of my pre-existing categories. But the old list of categories I have for
tasks doesn't show up in "all categories."

Roady [MVP]

Right click the root of your pst-file in Outlook-> Properties-> Upgrade to
Color Categories...

Depending on the size of your pst-file, this process could take a while.


Thank you for your help and the warning it would take a while. I waited till
I knew I had a while and it worked fine.

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