Updating INI Files



I run an app on the terminal server that has an ini file.
This ini is copied to each users' profile. Once in a
while when I update the app, it puts a new ini in the main
winnt folder. Then when users log on, the old ini is
deleted and the new one copied to their profiles.

I don't want the old ini deleted but instead updated
only. I read there is a registry flag that can be created
under "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ Windows
NT\CurrentVersion\Terminal Server\
Compatibility\Applications\app_name" that will add new
entries but not delete any existing entries.

How do I set up this key...Do I just name the key "FLAGS"
and enter value of 0x00000040.

What happens to entries that have been modified only?

I found info on registry flags in termsrv.chm under
Managing Terminal Services > Program installation >
Installing programs for use with Terminal Services in
application server mode > Program compatibility . Program
compatibility flags

Matthew Harris [MVP]

Thought I would also mention that setting the value to 40

"If the "Synchronize user .ini file to system version" bit
is set, it adds new entries from the system master .ini
file when the application is started, but it does not
delete any existing data in the user's .ini file. If this
bit is not set, it overwrites the user's .ini file if it
is older than the system master .ini file."

Quoted from here:


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