Updating Dynamic Web Templates



I have a few Dynamic Web Templates on my site to keep the look consistent on
my website. I had previously been able to update content in the template and
it would then be automatically update on all the pages that were attached to
that template.

Now, that has stopped happening. Anytime I change something in a template
and save it the attached pages do not update. When I select a page that is
supposed to be attached to a template and look under:

Format > Dynamic Web Template >

The only available option is "Attach Dynamic Web Template."

So I can re-attach all the pages to that particular template and all is
fine. Until I update again, and I have to repeat the process.

It was never like that before, I am guessing I have changed something
somewhere along the line. Any ideas on how to get this back to the original

I am using Front Page 2003 and the server has Front Page Extensions turned


When updating a server-based web saving a DWT will only update
attached pages if they are also open. The extensions are an earlier
version than FP2003, and cannot work with DWTs.
In a disc-based web, or a WSS site, saving a DWT will automatically
update all attached pages.

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