[Update] Sleipnir Web Browser v2.30 Final (English; Japanese; Chinese]


Captain Video

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Information (1/25/2006)
Released Formal version Tabbed-browser Sleipnir 2.30"

Alternate Download Site with Screenshots[Softpedia]

Update Content:
- When [] started first time, the language was selected by the
automatic operation. (Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese)
2.30 Formal version

[Important new feature]
- Sleipnir Bookmark Search was mounted.
- The color of the folder can change.
- When the first starting, it can select the saving place of style and
- The memory usage has been reduced.
- The speed was sped up.
- The function related to the favorites was strengthened.
- The setting file of the user definition was made to be read from the
Override folder.
- When it started first time, the language was selected by the
automatic operation. (Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese)

[New feature]
- The start speed was sped up.
- The overall speed has been improved.
- The program was optimized by the size priority.
- The memory usage has been reduced.
- When it started first time, the selection of the style and the
initialization dialog that
generated Sleipnir.Property were displayed.
- Icon of the folder can change in the individual setting.
- Icon of the folder can change with the F1 key of Favorites Editor.
- The display button of explorer bar was erased, and can switch by
clicking the title of explorer bar.
- The advanced search bar was changed by the automatic operation by
the view.
(Now Favorites Editor/Mosa corresponds. It is voidable by the
option. )
- It corresponded to a favorites search. ?iIt is possible to do from
the combo box of
Bookmark Panel.?j
- Sleipnir option|View|Favorites Editor|Link with the advanced search
bar were added.
- It can acquire description of the page when adding it in the
and allocate in the comment.
- When add to favorites, the folder which is adding has been chosen in
- The search combo box was displayed in BookmarkPlugin.
- Sleipnir option|Dock|The search combo box is display in the Explorer
bar was added.
- When it started first time, the language was selected by the
- The RSS bar was renewed to 1.25.
- The bridge plug-in for the RSS clip was bundled.
- Sleipnir option|Design|Favicon acquisition/display was added.
- Sleipnir option|Client|Language was added.
- It looked for all setting files (.xml,.ini) from the Override
- It was stored a state at the time of the last closed state in a file
from a favorites group.
?@?isettings/caches/ create LastSession.ffg to a folder.?j
- The state when ending last time was saved automatically at regular
- When Favorites panel | folder are opened, the icon changed.
(the folder icon refers to expanded_folder.bmp?j
- A change of Favorites panel|Right-clicking menu|Icon was mounted.
A change of Favorites Editor|Right-clicking menu|Icon was mounted.

[Specification change]
- It changed design of menu at the time of classic indication.
- Do not display the text of the indication button of Explorer bar.
- The icon of the tab was made not to change with OnMouseOver of the
- When starting, the settings/<user>/setting/plugins.ini file was
?iIt can specify plug in to use in plugins.ini.The style specified
with prefs.ini
can be changed by making the InheritStyleFile key for the Property
section though
the format is almost the same as the style file.?j
- The preservation place of LastSession.ffg was changed into
caches.(From the last test version?j

[Trouble correction]
- When effective of the Jig service and invalidity were switched, the
trouble that had
fallen occasionally was corrected.
- When it started first time, trouble to which the tree of favorites
group opened
was corrected.
- Trouble with amusing behavior when the mouse was operated on the
Explorer bar was
- At emptiness of the link folder, the trouble that was not able to
add the link to
the link bar was corrected.(BTS/354)
- Trouble that the tree control doesn't become one-line selection was
- The trouble which the setting is not reflected when starting in
the favorites panel and the history panel was corrected.
- When exporting favorite, the trouble that was not able to be
exported correctly
including the control code to favorites name was corrected.
- The trouble which falls when related search engine GUID does not
exist was corrected.
- The trouble which favorites comment input column horizontally
scrolled was
- Trouble to which the Panel plug-in was not read from user style file
(plugins.ini) was corrected. (trouble of Test3)
- Trouble to which the option to activate the new window where the
PersonalBar plug-in was invalid was corrected.
- Favicon was displayed predetermined. (trouble in Test3)
- When reading at the time of a set reading of the keyboard and
setting it, trouble to which the pop up of the failing reason was
displayed was corrected.
- Trouble to which the window list had not been occasionally displayed
was corrected when the check was in the discontinuance of the start
processing when the start processing was discontinued, and the CTRL
key was pushed when starting when the parameter was passed when
starting. (BTS/230)
- Trouble to which the item of the combo box of a favorite, individual
setting was not normally displayed was corrected. (BTS/319)
- When a favorite group was edited, trouble from which the change in
the name was not reflected in the tree was corrected. (BTS/143)
- Trouble that was not able to set "Search the Web page" by
Sleipnir option | category selection of the search engine list was
- The trouble that fell when starting was corrected when there was a
long character string (1KB or more) in the history of the address
bar and the search bar. (BTS/314)
- The trouble that had failed in a favorite export because of the MBCS
version occasionally was corrected. (BTS/284)
- When ".?." of em-size had mixed below the domain of URL, the trouble
substituted for "." of normal-width was corrected.
- When a new window was opened by right-clicking, compulsorily active
was corrected. (BTS/236)
- When starting while pushing CTRL, trouble that an additional
position of the tab was sure to become "Right of an active tab" was
- Trouble that the window occasionally swerve to the right was
?itrouble in Test2?j
- Trouble in which the option to specify only the maximum width of the
tab was
not effective at the scroll tab was corrected.
- When the new window where size was specified was opened by setup
which activates a new window,
the trouble which the size of page and window size were differ was
- When the script menu was displayed by "Continuation display", the
trouble effectively displayed
regardless of effective invalidity of the script was
- The trouble which disappered Back/Forword histry when switching
several times by quick security
was corrected.
- The trouble that at the time of first time start, opened a window to
an active tab, and opened
malfunction to an active tab once to open a new window was
- The trouble which the same item is displayed in the dialog of an
setting of favorites group was corrected.
- The trouble which the history of the combo box was not displayed was
- The trouble which Sleipnir occasionally blink in the taskbar after
it had returned
from the task tray was corrected.?iTestBTS/48?j
- When the visual style was used with XP, trouble in which a part of
setting of enhancing
tab was not effective was corrected.
- Trouble that the tab scroll with the wheel doesn't operate when the
tab switch with the wheel
was invalid was corrected. ?iTestBTS/30?j
- When the homepage was?@empty, trouble to which 'Invalid syntaxerror'
was displayed after it had started was corrected.
- When SaveAs was allocated in a right double-clicking, trouble from
which the action
by the mouse gesture was not executed once alone after it had
canceled was corrected.
- The trouble which fail in reading of LastSession.ffg was
corrected.(From the last test version?j


System requirementsTabbed-browse Sleipnir operates in the following

Correspondence OS: Windows 98/98SE/Me/2000/XP
Recommendation OS: Windows 2000/XP"



Captain Video said:
Start here for the answer to that question:

So you post more than 210 lines of useless non-information, and then
you have the audacity to refer inquisitive readers to Google? Go away,
you silly person.


Captain Video

So you post more than 210 lines of useless non-information,

Referring to the upgrade *specifics* of Sleipnir 2.30, published by
the authors, in a hard to find link, as "useless non-information",
doesn't surprise me when such a statement comes from one of the many
troll-ass idiots pustulating on Usenet!
and then
you have the audacity to refer inquisitive readers to Google? Go away,
you silly person.


I didn't refer "inquisitive readers" to Google, as you know, so don't
even attempt that cheap-ass trump-flame card which tries to infer that
readers are 'riding the coattails' of your troll-ass statements. That
implied 'Card', by going plural with a generality, as with
"inquisitive readers", is a dumb ass flaming trick used by Usenet
parasites looking to get the 'upper hand' when no hand is had, done
with the hope that such a 'tact' will get people to react in your
'flame favor'. I referred *you*, specifically, to Google, not to ACF
readers. You! Got it? Comprende? Endaksi? Anything left upstairs to
comprehend that statement with or has all 2 ounces of what you call
your brain melted away into parasitic slush? I'll bet on the latter
with the house's money.

Go thither into the parasitic reaches, dumb ass troll. Your inference
'card' of "inquisitive readers" to sway 'the public' in your favor
isn't fooling anyone except for the brainless whom you're trying to
appeal..<yawn> That underhanded 'trick' is as old as the Usenet Hills.


Don't you still have some homework to do? Here it is:
http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=Sleipnir Browser&qt_s=Search&sa=N&tab=gw

Now READ, and quit wasting my time....

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