Update Query for only a certain number of records



I have a table that I am trying to assign employee names to certain number of
records. I understand how to use an update query. But I can't figure out
how to do this.

This is what I'm trying to do. I have a table with 20 "Atlanta" records. I
want to assign anything with a criteria of "Atlanta" to "Bob Smith" but I
only want to assign 10 of those "Atlanta" records to "Bob Smith" and then I
would like to assign 5 of those "Atlanta" records to "Tom Jones" and finally
I would like to assign the last 5 of the records with "Atlanta" to "Mary

Any ideas on how to write a query to say "assign this number of records to
this person"?




Duane Hookom

You can't do this with an update query unless you have some to identify which
10, which 5, and which other 5 records.

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