Update Pivot Table Filters based on a Cell Value in Excel 2007



Hi there!

I'm new to VBA, and I have spent too much time already searching for
solution to my problem. My guess is that this will be trivial for you:

I want to update Pivot Table Filter based on a Cell Value.

For example, if I put atribute Year defined in my Time dimension into
Pivot Table Filter, I would like to update this Filter so it would
have the same value as a Cell "M1".

In Excel 2003 the code would be something like this:

= Range("M1")

However in Excel 2007 code is different:

[Year]").CurrentPageName = ???

??? should be replaced with "[Time].[Year].[2010]" where

Any help is appreciated!

P.S. If I want to do the same with Month, and the Cell Value is
"March" (text instead of number), what changes do I have to do with my


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