Update information in a batch in a form


Alex Martinez


I have created a database with a form to update policy inforamation
(insurance). I looking into a way in doing batch processing. Below is the
table format:

Table is called "Audits"
PolicyNumber-text field(10)
AssignedTo-text field(6)
AssignedDate-text field(date field)

In my form the user will input the PolicyNumber and who the policy is
assigned to, which is in a combobox and the assigned date of the policy.
Inputting is easy to do when the data input person has a handful of policies
to input, but what if there are 100 policies to input by different
assignedTo individuals? What I like to do when there is more then a handful
I want the data input person to batch up the policies by individuals and
input the various policies numbers and only input the assignedTo once and
have the Table "Audits" updated. I was thinking of a making another table
with the PolicyNumber, AssignedTo, and AssignedDate and somehow have it
updated to the "Audits" table, but I need to make sure that if the user
inputs 10 different policies that the same assignedTo individual field is
also populated with all 10 policies and have all 10 AssignedDate field to be
as today's date as well. Any tips or website to go will be appreciated.
Thank you in advance.


To set the date to automatic entry of today's date - just enter NOW() under
Default Value in the field's property. And does the policy number contain
any feature/code to identify the individual assigned to? If there is, you
could use the IIF function so that the system could automatically identify
and enter the individual assigned to.

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