[Update] Copernic Desktop Search v1.5 Beta



Copernic Desktop Search v1.5 Beta

Overview :

Fast! Easily search your entire hard drive in less than a second to
pinpoint the right file, e-mail, music or pictures. Fresh! New and
updated files and new e-mails are indexed the instant they arrive on
your hard drive. Ultra-Light! Utilizes CPU, memory, and disk space
efficiently to ensure continued high levels of system performance. Rock
Solid! Fault-tolerant technology ensures that your PC is searchable at
all times. Easy to Use! Simply type words into the search bar, and CDS
finds all relevant documents in an instant.

What's New:

New Features:
* Mozilla Thunderbird email search
o Indexing of emails, attachments and contacts from
Thunderbird 1.0 or later
* Eudora email search
o Indexing of emails and attachments from Eudora 5.0 or later
* Smart indexing of network drives
o Full support for indexing network folders
o Intelligent detection of network connection availability
* Improved metadata indexing for pictures, music and videos
o Search within JPEG picture comments (using EXIF metadata)
o Search iTunes songs by artist, album, etc.
o Metadata indexing for QuickTime movies and OGG audio files
* New information pane listing additional categories with matching
o One-click access to related results from other categories
o Display of match count per category
* Buttons to instantly seek to highlighted search terms
o New word-find buttons allowing to jump from one keyword
occurrence to the other within document previews
* Previewing of found pictures, music, videos and contacts
o Filmstrip viewing mode for pictures
o Embedded player for audio and video files
o New preview pane for contacts
* Improved usability
o Added "Print" and "Delete" commands for Outlook emails
o New filter to narrow picture searches by size (small,
medium, large)
o Improved option tab for managing custom file extensions to
o Customizable colors for search term highlighting
o Numerous user interface improvements (redesigned preview
panes, redesigned Web search toolbar, new keyboard shortcuts, etc.)
* API for adding custom file indexers
o New COM API allowing third-party developers to create
plug-ins enabling new file type indexing (view PDF documentation)
Other Improvements/Changes:
* 20 file types have been added to the default list of types to
* Wildcards can now be used to add custom file extensions to index

Homepage: http://www.copernic.com/en/products/desktop-search/index.html

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ArjanDotOrg said:
Copernic Desktop Search v1.5 Beta

What's New:

New Features:
* Mozilla Thunderbird email search
o Indexing of emails, attachments and contacts from
Thunderbird 1.0 or later




Bessy said:
i remember copernic was ad-ware / spyware affected ... is it anymore?

The most recent issue of PC Magazine has a review of several free desktop
search pgms. They did not mention anything bad about Copernic. They
liked Yahoo desktop search best but were looking at Copernic 1.2


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