Update and dll error



Win2ksp4 - slipstreamed
This is a completely clean install, only win2k installed. HD manu checking
utility run over several loops OK. Chkdsk run, no problems

1) On starting sys get the err
'The app.or dll c:\winnt\system32\txfaux.dll is not a valid image'
Have tried expanding the file from origonal win cd and two seperate win

2) winupdate fails with err
'files required to use win upate are no longer registered or installed.....'
update appears not to run before finally doing so.
Continueing and regestering files,from winupdate page, produces err #
MS kb article re Nod AV is not relevent - no AV / Firewall installed (I have
a NAT reuter)

Have reinstalled IE6
run regsvr32 as per kb on a number of files, all successful.
Any thoughts?


Follow up
Downloaded/installed sp4 rollup admin install from ms, no longer getting dll
err re txfaux.dll
however still unable to run winupdate


I am also having the same problem noted below. It statrted about the same
time as a message telling me about unsafe removal of my internal IDE Cd-R
drive. This is a Windows 2000 Pro installation on a HP Brio BA410.

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