Up,Down,Left,Right stopped working


Ian B


I'm not an excel expert, but use the product (XL2002) frequently.

Something has caused my cursor movement keys to have an unusual effect in a
For example, I want to enter a formula to add two cells. Press = (status
goes to Enter). Attempt to move cursor to first cell and cursor remains in
the formula cell and the whole worksheet moves in the direction of the key
pressed but the cursor remains locked in the formula cell.
In summary, my cursor remains in the active cell and the worksheet moves
rather than the cursor.
I've looked through all the options.
What simple thing have I missed?


Ian B


either you or someone has pressed the scroll lock key. press it again to go
back to normal.


Ian B

Thanks FSt1

So simple when you know the answer!
It's been like this for several months, but nothing else I do was effected,
which seemed to point to an excel issue.

Thanks again

Ian B

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