Unzipping files



When I download a zipped file, I tell it to extract all, and to put it on my
desktop. It says that it needs to know what program to use to open it. I
said 'Notepad', and it ended up a bunch of gibberish. I said 'Paint', and it
said that Paint could not open it. I used to have WinZip, but I never
learned much about it, either. Can anyone help?............... I have XP,
AMD 64.




Either get winzip or winrar again. Right Click on the zip/rar file and
select extract file(s) and then on the popup, browse to the folder where you
want the extraction to go. I recommend a folder because in many cases,there
will be more than one file from the extraction and this keeps everything
Good Luck



Wesley Vogel

Windows® XP File Association Fixes
Copyright 2003 - Doug Knox

The files listed here are all ZIP files, which contain a REG (Registry)
file. Download the ZIP and open it. Extract the REG file to your hard disk
and double click it. Answer yes to the import prompt. REG files can be
viewed in Notepad. Each of the REG files contains the default settings for
the file extension indicated. For the ZIP file fix, the download is a REG
file, since ZIP's aren't working anyway!

ZIP Folder Association Fix (Restores default associations for ZIP Folders -
REG File)

Hope this helps. Let us know.

MS-MVP Windows Shell/User


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