unzipped files dont unzip properly ??



I would appreciate some help?

I have downloaded a zip file for use on an BBC micro emulator program.
When unzipped teh only files i get are an info file and a file that looks
like a DAT file.
They should have unzipped as an image file.
Is this a problem with the unzip procedure or is it due to XP SP2 blocking
it in some way.
I did try the unblock option which i get fom the properties option for all
the files.




Rick \Nutcase\ Rogers


Sounds like the unzipping worked fine, it's just that the contents were not
what you were expecting. Zipping is merely a form of compression, and having
SP2 installed would not prevent the inclusion of files in a downloaded .zip
file. Are you sure you weren't supposed to install the .inf file? Make sure
you actually fully expand the .zip file, don't just double-click it.

Best of Luck,

Rick Rogers, aka "Nutcase" - Microsoft MVP

Associate Expert - WindowsXP Expert Zone

Windows help - www.rickrogers.org

Mike Hall

Right click on the .inf file and select install..

I haven't come across a BBC Micro user in ages.. what model did you have?..
I had a Master 128 with the '512' board installed.. it ran DOS 2.11 and
could handle the first versions of Lotus 123.. the '512' option was supplied
with GEM software too.. I gave it to a school eventually.. had way too much
stuff that I was keeping for posterity, and they wanted a machine that could
monitor some 'B' models..

The story is that Bill Gates was invited to Acorn, where he gotten his first
look at 'Econet' and the 'TUBE'.. very advanced machines in their day, if a
little offbeat..




Sorry for the long delay i lost my way somehwat.

I still have a BBC model B computer with a whopping, yes staggering 32K

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