Unique Value not Showing Up, Repeating Information



I am creating a form based upon three related tables.

The first table lists students with their 2 primary department interests.
The second table contains grade information. The third table contains a list
of advisors by department. I have successfully created a query previoulsy
which will pull the student demographic info, their grades, and their 2
advisors and their respective departments. So, the query meant using the
same table twice. Advisor1.Advisor, Advisor2.Advisor, Department1.Department,

So, I am now creating the form. All the data looks right except for the
Advisor1, Advisor2 and Department1, Department2 boxes. When I click on view,
the Advisor2 is displaying the same as the Advisor1. And Department2 is
displaying as Department1. Where each of these should be unique, like in the

So my questions are:
1. How do I fix this? I try to change the control source in the properties
box, but when I go to select View, it reverts back to the control source for
Table1 versus Table2.

2. Why if my query works, and even the one that runs for the form, is the
actual form not working?


are The relationship that is messing up in my form revolves around the 2
primary department interests which equal the advisor departments.




Post the SQL of the query used for the form by opening in design view, click
on VIEW - SQL View, highlight all, copy, and paste in a post.

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