uninstalling trial version


Fred M

I bought my PC which had a trial version of Office Home and Student 2007
(Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote). I also bought the licensed version of
Office Home and Student 2007 and installed it. Do I need to uninstall the
trial version or will it just expire and no longer interfere with anything?
Also, I did try to go thru the uninstall program routine but didn't see
either version of the Office Home and Student listed although I've been using
it, why wouldn't they should up in the installed program list?




Hi Fred.

I recommend that you remove the trial version because, when I failed to do
that, I ran into problems.

If you leave it installed, based on the experience I had, you will run into

All installed software should show up on the list and cannot think why, if
the software is there, it would not appear on the list.

If my comments have helped please hit Yes.




Bob I

Normal suggestion is to uninstall the Trial version AND the Activation
Assistant, THEN install your paid for version.

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