When creating a deployment project in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005,
there seems to be no option to create an uninstall link. How can this
be achieved? To be specific, I want an 'Uninstall' shortcut to be
created somewhere in the Start Menu. Also, when user clicks the msi
file to uninstall, he should be able to select uninstall option.

I know there is a command line option using msiexec, but how do I make
this call in my deployment project? Is it legal to distribute msiexec
with my bundled application.
Thanks in advance


I believe the current "best practice" from Microsoft is that your Users
should go through the Add/Remove Programs applet to uninstall.

Therefore, if you want an uninstaller, you would have to use a 3rd party
software to create your installers (which would include the option for

Family Tree Mike

This link, http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314481, tells how to find the
uninstall string command for any installed product. To the best of my
knowledge the string has always included msiexec /I and the GUID to the
product that my installer uses. I have then included a batch file that
simply has that command as part of the setup project.

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