Unduplicate E-mail Addresses in Custom Form



I've a customized Outlook 2003 form where the cc: line is populated by
aggregating the e-mail addresses from the to: from: and prior cc: items.
This is to guarentee that once a person shows up in an e-mail stream they'll
continue to get all related e-mails automatically.

The problem is looks. One individual can show up many times in the cc:
line. Any tricks or tips to make sure e-mail IDs only show up once in the
cc: line, no matter how many times an individual may have received earlier
versions of the e-mail?



Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

There's no trick involved. Your code simply needs to iterate the Recipients
collection and check each Recipient.Address to determine whether a particular
address is already in the message or needs to be added.

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