Unable to revert back to domain



I changed the domain to a workgroup on the laptop and it
asked me to reboot. Since then I am unable to logon on to
the laptop using the existing user/password. I do not have
Admin rights to the laptop.

Any way to revert back to the domain. Logon screen not
giving that option.

Thanks for any help.

Jack Seredyniecki

Nope! You need admin access to the laptop ...even if the login screen had
the option you probably wouldn't be able to add the machine back to the
domain since you need to be a Domain Admin to be able to do that and the
laptop has to be physically connected to the domain you're trying to add it
to. You shouldn't play with things you know very little about but I take it
you won't make the same mistake twice after having to ask your Admins to fix
it for you this time.

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