unable to open Excel files using Windows Explorer (Vista)



Am no longer able to open any Excel files from Windows Explorer or Outlook. I
get a message that "The System cannot find the file specifed." If I open
Excel and open the files in Excel, they open fine. I am using Vista. This
happens with any Excel file no matter what format.


Sounds like the file association is dead.
I think you can use winfile to re-associate it, that is, if winfile is still
available in Vista.

Stephen in Victoria Australia

I have been using Excel 2007 in a Vista envornment on this machine for 2
years. Now getting Windows messages saying various .xlsx files that I have
created on this machine cannot be found by Windows Explorer - including files
that I have opened on many occasions in the past. Also unable to open Excel
files from MS Outlook 2007. I have tried saving a file to different floders,
creating a new file and saving to the desktop, copying files into a different
folder, moving files to a different folder. Nothing has worked. Windows
happily opens MS Word files from folders that contain MS Excel folders that
will not open. Have copied a MS Excel file onto a memory stick and opened it
without any problems on a different computer with Excel 2007/Vista. Help

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