Unable to Log on to Domain and Local Host




Yesterday this strange problem occurred on three hosts.
Logon to domain and locally to the computer was not
permitted. When attemtping to log on to the domain this
error occurred:

'The system cannot log you on to this domain because the
system's computer account in its primary domain is missing
or the password on that account is incorrect'

If I try to log on locally to the host this is the error I

'The local policy of this system does not permit you to
logon interactively.'

I have checked the Domain Security Policy and the User
Rights for Domain Users have logon locally rights. But
that does not effect the local log on for the host or does
it? The Group Policy in the Domain Controllers OU also
has the Log On Locally permitted for Domain Users. How is
this policy getting pushed to the client and then the DC
ends up missing. I have ran Symantec AntiVirus on all
hosts in domain and no viruses was detected. Help!!!


Are your clients Windows 98? I have the exact same problem with only the
clients that run win98. In order to fix this problem I have to go into the
services and restart the logon service. If that doesn't work reboot the
win98 machine. Those 2 things fix it 99% of time. Not sure what causes this,
but I have always had this problem with 98 machines on a W2k network.

Danny Sanders

Have you tried moving the computer to a workgroup then moving it back to the


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