Unable to load personal free/busy data



I have a remote office with seven users that connect remotely to my
Exchange/SBS 2000 server via a hardware VPN. The clients in this branch use a
mixture of Outlook 2000, XP, & 2003 (based on versions of Office that came
with their various-vintage PC's).

Two of the computers get the "Unable to load personal free/busy data.
Network problems are preventing connection to Microsoft Exchange Server
Computer" message sporadically. Some days it does not happen at all, some
days it happens almost continuously, and some days it is occasional. They get
the message on every send/receive until they close & reopen Outlook, at which
time the problem usually disappears (until the next time) and they can get a
successful send/receive. The other five computers have never had a
connectivity problem.

These two users have one thing in common. They both have older AMD
processors that originally had Windows 2000. The problem began when I wiped
the hard drives and did a clean install of Windows XP Pro & Office 2000. I
upgrade two other computers (non-AMD processors) at the same time, but
without this problem occurring.

I have tried the following, with no effect on the problem:

I have replaced the NIC & LAN cabling.
Upgrade Symantec enterprise 9 to 10.
The users can ping the DNS name of the Exchange server successfully even
while the Outlook/Exchange connection is failing.

The users are now complaining about how they liked everything better before
XP, and I am getting the blame...


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