unable to load nwnsp.dll



Hi all,
I've got a big problem with outlook:
I want (need) to connect outlook 2003 to a Domino server, so i downloaded
the "outlook connector for lotus domino" from the download section of
microsoft site.

The installation worked like a charm, but after that when i try to start
outlook it tells me:

Catastrophic Outlook 2003 problem: 'Unable to load nwnsp.dll'

After googling around for a while i discovered it should be a dll that was
installed from the Notes installation... But I can't find it, neither on the
clients or on the server.
Nothing in the installation CD (i have the 6.5.1 version of the notes client).

-I can't absolutely work wit outlook
-I'va already tried to modify mapisvc.inf as said in the IBM articles.
-I really need to do that trick because an important user (the big boss) has
a new phone that can only synchronize with outlook...

What can it be?
thanks in advance

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