Unable to install Vista 5536



I just built a new system, and Vista STILL won't install (never did on my old
one either). What happens is I get through Vista setup, and it reboots my
computer, then it's on the step of "Completing Installation", when all of a
sudden the backlights on my keyboard flicker and flash, and I get a BSOD that
references the file nvlkddm.dll, or something very similar. The BSOD flashes
so instantaneously and reboots me such that I can't really read the name of
the file well. If it isn't nvlkddm.dll it's something very close.

Couple notes: It isn't my DVD media, because the same discs that won't
install normally will install Vista just fine in a VMWare virtual machine,
and I have also tried resetting my BIOS to default settings just in case the
overclock was the blame, still doesn't work.

Anyone know why in the world it would be doing this? My system specs are

Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 @ 3.3Ghz
ASUS P5W DH Deluxe Motherboard
2GB OCZ Platinum Enhanced Latency DDR2-800
eVGA GeForce 7950GX2
Soundblaster X-Fi Fatal1ty Edition
WD Raptor 150GB SATA Main Drive
Maxtor 240GB SATA Backup drive
Plextor 712/SA SATA DVD-RW
Samsung DVD-ROM


I apologize for the duplicates, I got an error when trying to post and it
told me to try again.

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