unable to find new window in web browser control



hi friends

i have one problem regarding.
webbroswer control.

first up all u visit the website e filling of income tax india.and go to
the link view 26as(Tax credit).
after entering your userid(PanNo),password,DOB you go to next page.and after again entering DOB and Captcha code and after submit you go to.next page,cofirm button will show.after submit confirm button new window is open in case(IE),and new tab is opened in case(G Crome).

Now my problem starts.
i have created a form with webbrosercontrol. and start navigating through site
"https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in" and i reached the on page where confirm button is showing. and when i invoke submit on confirm new window is showing.and i want to show this new window in same browser.
pls care all event occures throuh progarm.not by pressing on any buttonor by filling any entery which shows in webbroswer controol.

pls solve my problem.
thanks in advance.

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