Unable to cast transparent proxy to type: Accessibility.IAccessibl




I am finding the MSAA 2.0 does not seem to work with .NET 2.0 applications
under w2K SP4. With all other applications, the MSAA node tree renders fine.
However, with .NET applications, I get the error message listed above when I
try to query the accessble object.

If I remove all my code from the equation and use the Accessibility Explorer
and interrogate .NET 2.0 application screens, the selected node seems to be
found but the Parent field has the value GetParentObject: failed. I believe
this error is generated by teh same error I'm getting in my code.

Can anyone tell me definitively if MSAA 2.0 works with .NET 2.0 applications
under W2K Professional. I have not seen this error with any other version of
the Windows OS.


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